Buying A Home

The buying process can be a bumpy road to travel. I will be an invaluable source of knowledge, contacts and advice, helping you turn the process of buying a piece of property, into a successful search for a home that’s right for you.Download my Buyers Guide for more information on:

  • Tips to Finding Your Dream Home
  • Step by Step Buying Process
  • Determining a Price Range

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Buying Real Estate: The Process

Step 1: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage

Getting pre-approved / pre-qualified for a mortgage is an integral part of buying Vancouver Real Estate. Without a loan, it is nearly impossible to buy. This quote will help us understand what you can afford and help narrow down properties based on these numbers. There will be many questions about the mortgage and having an experienced broker or banker is integral.

Step 2: Finding a home

This is where the fun begins! First we meet in person, input all your buying criteria into our MLS system which is much more detailed compared to the public sites available to you. We narrow down specifics such as rental restrictions, outdoor space, pet restrictions, size, price, locations and much more.

After that, we hit the road for some private viewings, open houses and go over all the information again in person. At this point we start to narrow the results down to your preferred homes in preparation for an offer. Finding the home or investment that is perfect for you can take a few days, weeks or even years. You will at no point feel pressured to purchase or make a quick decision. I am available to you as long as it takes!

Step 3: The offer

Now that you have found the perfect property, we make an offer. The contract of purchase and sale includes the price, closing dates, subjects/terms and much more. Negotiations can take a few hours, days or in extreme cases weeks. By this time you will be fully prepared to offer as we have already reviewed the contract in detail and be aware of your conditions and those of the seller.

Once an offer is accepted by the seller we have the bank sign off, hire an inspector, prepare your deposit and read up on strata documents if you are buying in a condo or town home development.

If everything goes smoothly we then “remove subjects”, meaning you have legally agreed to buy the home! Time to decide on a lawyer or notary to finish the process.

To watch some tips on multiple offer situations see the video above to see how it works.

Step 4: Closing time and moving in!

3 to 7 days before closing you will meet with a lawyer or notary you have hired to finalize the purchase. The lawyers will handle the transfer of the property title to your name and of course all the financials. Once all that is complete, we get you the keys on your possession date, inspect the home to make sure it is in the same condition we agreed on and you can now start enjoying your new home or investment!

After you are all moved in I will always be available for you 24/7 with any questions you have about the home. Whether you are considering renovations, wondering about rental rates or thinking about refinancing I am always available to offer advice.

If you are ready to buy please feel free to contact me anytime for an initial conversation. We can meet in person, chat over the phone or simply email any questions you may have.